Moving Checklist

Having a plan during your can save you a ton of time. We do offer a ton of useful and valuable tips and knowledge here on our website. But this page will give you a simple check list to follow during your move. For immediate help or a quick moving quote in New Jersey, call us at 973-363-4664.

  • Make a note of any precious items that require special care to move. Be sure to list them during your talks with your movers.
  • Start to use up all food in the freezer and fridge. Most food is not able to load on a truck for long distance. Local moves are not an issue. You can store food in a cooler for moves going under 2 hours.
  • Book your moving company and choose carefully. We recommend an experienced and well trained company who can answer your questions confidently. Establish your budget, obtain a written quotation and ask all the questions you can think of.
  • If you are packing your own items, be sure to follow our packing tips on our packing page. Using the proper materials is very important.
  • Pack all valuable items to be taken with you personally. Never ship valuable items such as jewels with any mover due to possible loss of items.
  • Reliable movers like Pack Mark Movers will do the packing & wrapping on your behalf if needed. Our crews are well trained and equipped to handle any packing & wrapping needs.
  • As you approach your move date, be sure to finish up your final moving details such as lease or home purchase closing, address changes, choosing a moving if not yet done so, and of course begin all final packing tasks. Be sure to make pet travel arrangements at this time if a pet is moving with you.
  • With about 2 weeks to go, you should be contacting your mover to ensure all dates on still open and your reservation is still confirmed.
  • If moving locally in New Jersey, be sure to choose a locally based New Jersey mover with experience.
  • This is the time to complete any final tasks still remaining such as bill changes and final moving arrangements.
  • Complete any incomplete box packing if you are packing your own boxes. It's now or never.
  • Call your mover to confirm pickup time for tomorrow's big move if they have not yet confirmed a time. We always confirm your pickup details 2 days prior..
  • Be sure to transfer all bills to your new address.
  • Try to arrive to your new home prior to your movers. If you are not able to, try to have a family member or close friend to be present on your behalf.
  • You are all moved in and it's finally over. Enjoy your new home and give us a call if you ever need us again!

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