Full Packing Service

We at Pack Mark Movers packing services are backed by 2 decades of packing & moving experience as well as quality made materials. This ensures your items are properly protected for transport and handling during your move. Below is a quick list of packing tips to help you prepare for your upcoming move.

Packing Materials Often Needed:
  • Packing Paper (Should be used under bubble wrap on glass items)
  • Packing Tape
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Bubble Wrap (For glass and fragile items)
  • Padded Blankets (We supply for all moves at no cost)
  • Boxes (x-small, medium, dish pack, wardrobe. Try to avoid large boxes)
  • Foam Sheets (For additional protection when packing glassware)
Packing Tips:

Plan Your Packing: Make a list of all the materials you will need for all items as you do a walk thru of your own home. Log any items that may seem fragile or easily breakable. Go over these items with your movers so they are aware and prepared for them on moving day.

Pack In Advance: Always pack your items at least 5 days prior to your move. This will allow you time to focus on the important tasks of planning your move without the distraction of packing.

Use The Proper Materials: Try to use the proper materials on the necessary items such as glass items. Layers of protective items will only further prevent damage. Paper, bubble wrap, tape, and then foam are the best approach layers to protecting fragile items.

Your Movers Are Packing Pros: Try to ask your movers how to pack any item you are unsure of. Your movers will know how any item will need to be protected properly for transport, we can pack anything safely. This goes double for antique, glass, and fragile items.

Keep It Light: When packing boxes try to keep them under 50 lbs as that will decrease the probability of damage during handling and transport. Boxes do have a weight capacity and it is best to stay well under that capacity.

Stack Boxes In 1 Place: Try to choose an empty area near the main entrance where you will be able to stack all your boxes without blocking the entrance. This will allow the movers to bring out your boxes making space for disassembly and furniture handling.

Keep Your Mover Informed: Go over your items with your mover so they are prepared to you help you with any special packing needed on a moving day.